Corporate Rules


This text defines the responsibilities of the General Manager and
sets the rules he has to abide with in the course of management.


The General Manager is responsible to all individuals, groups and
institutions equally and definitely. He takes this responsibility into
consideration during the course of all of his activities and decisions and
guards the interests off all parties in a balanced and just manner.

1.The end-users who use the company's products
2.All customers for whom the company produces good and services
3.All employees of the company and their families
4.The social and physical environment of the company
5.All vendors from whom the company buys good and material
6.The shareholders of the company


When fulfilling his responsibilities, the General Manager acts as
defined below:

  1. He does not give deceptive or misleading information to any person,
    organization or group.
  2. He puts forth all necessary efforts and takes all measures in order to
    enable the goods produced by his company to be used in a completely safe and
    secure manner by the end-user.
  3. In addition to expanding the financial possibilities of company employees,
    he continuously strives to develop their knowledge, experience and cultural
  4. He continuously strives to protect and enhance the environment.
  5. He does not make arbitrary or unjust decisions or take similar actions in
    internal management or towards the outside.
  6. He treats all employees in accordance with the company rules and in an
    impartial, unbiased and equal manner. He puts forth all efforts to create a
    democratic company atmosphere.
  7. He does not engage in unfair competition and does not accuse his competitors
    unjustly or delusively.
  8. He does not share with third parties the information about his customers,
    franchises or employees.
  9. He, by no means, tries to acquire ill-gotten gains, and he fulfills his
    commitments fully and accurately.
  10. He is unequivocally respectful toward laws, regulations, personal rights and

General Manager

May 29, 1995